Efficiency tips to help you move up the corporate ladder

A little time savings can make a big impression

Time is a business professional’s most valuable resource. Yet, even in 2017, while traveling I still see many young executives, who are clearly motivated to excel in their company or firm, typing their own documents and correspondence while on airplanes, in airport lounges and other locations.

With all of the powerful features and flexibility offered by mobile voice technology, these executive could easily share their thoughts by dictating into a mobile handheld recorder or smartphone app, and capture much more data and detail in less time and with less effort. By the time their plane lands, the dictations could be typed, reviewed and revised by multiple colleagues back at their office. All the executive would need to do is review the final draft, suggest changes and affix her or his signature. This final draft could then be sent onto clients, higher-level VPs or C-Suite corporate leaders, with the executive only having spent around 30-45 minutes creating the document. The file could be ready to send days earlier than a document that had been typed and reviewed manually, and that early delivery demonstrates productivity and efficiency, which is sure to make an impression on senior management.

Here are some other ways younger executives can leverage dictation to save time and work smarter:

  • Dictate notes from an important client meeting and have them transcribed through a professional typist or speech recognition software and share the document as a brief for senior managers
  • Create letters or other documents through dictation between meetings while traveling to demonstrate productivity even when away from the office
  • Record ideas for new solutions or cost-saving measures as they occur to you and have them transcribed to evaluate before sharing with upper management
  • Dictate thoughts and action items for entry into the company’s customer relationship management system immediately after a meeting so that are accurately remembered and not forgotten
  • Record reminders for yourself so you don’t forget action items or conversations you have with your manager or CEO

All of this dictation is easy from anywhere through a handheld recorder or smartphone app and then securely shared and stored in a cloud-based dictation management platform. It is really a much more efficient and cost-effective workflow process for these skilled professionals.

So wherever you are on the corporate ladder, consider adding your voice—and mobile voice technology—to your workflow, and watch your productivity and senior management recognition rise.

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