Ditching keyboards for voice technology

Consumers and professionals ditching keyboards for voice technology

We’re big believers in everyone using the power of their voice instead of typing to get more done is less time and truly “make their time count.”

Well, that message seems to be catching on. The growth in popularity of voice-activated assistants, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, plus the fact that 65 percent of smartphone owners are using voice assistants, shows how more consumers are recognizing the efficiency of using their voice to access, capture and share information. It’s not just consumers adopting the technology, either. Lawyers who use speech technology enjoy saving several hours a week in their schedule when using dictation solutions.

A large part of this growing adoption could be attributed to the improved speed and accuracy of the speech recognition technology. In fact, an experiment at Stanford University found that entering text into a mobile device was three-times faster with speech instead of typing, and the error rate was more than 20 percent less.

Harnessing the power of voice in desktop or mobile

This speech recognition technology adoption gaining steam coincides perfectly with the release of a new version of Philips SpeechExec Pro, now fully integrated with Nuance Dragon Professional speech recognition solution. Within the dictation workflow, the software turns voice into text without typing – guaranteeing the Philips quality that customers have come to expect and backed by the power of Dragon, resulting in greater documentation productivity and reduced transcription costs for users.

This speech recognition capability isn’t just for desktop users, either. Dictations and voice files recorded on the Philips dictation recorder app on smartphones can be automatically run through the cloud speech recognition system. With one click, on-the-go lawyers or other professionals can sync text documents in the recorder app on their smartphones in either .doc or .rtf formats. This virtual assistant is convenient for physicians, lawyers and professionals in many industries who rely on the transcription of complex documents.

Speak up

If you’re ready to make the switch from typing to talking, there are many interesting options to explore out there in the market. Let us know about the ways you are using speech or voice-activated technology to capture or access information to help make your time count.

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