Monthly Archives: June 2017

Voice technology can be a game changer

For the last few months we’ve focused on helping our readers increase productivity and tap into the power of their voice. This week, let’s talk about a company that has already reaped the benefits of dictation. Universal Shannon & Wheeler, LLP, is a Philips customer whose adoption of new SpeechLive and digital voice recorders allows their attorneys to get more

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An Interview from Rock on the Range

Interview with Eric Fingeret, Speech Processing Solutions Philippe: Today we are talking to Eric Fingeret who is the North American Sales Manager for Philips Audio Recorders and musician who just went to the Rock on the Range music festival. Eric: Yes, fantastic 3-day event – the super bowl of metal and rock show. It’s the granddaddy of music festivals and

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Why are you still typing? Dictation is seven-times faster!

It’s not only easier to talk than type, it’s also much faster. In fact, research* has found that speaking is seven times faster than typing. Although the study is somewhat dated, researchers based their findings on experiments with professional typists, so that figure is likely still quite accurate, considering that most of us would not consider ourselves professional typists. With

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