Why are you still typing? Dictation is seven-times faster!

It’s not only easier to talk than type, it’s also much faster. In fact, research* has found that speaking is seven times faster than typing.

Although the study is somewhat dated, researchers based their findings on experiments with professional typists, so that figure is likely still quite accurate, considering that most of us would not consider ourselves professional typists. With that mind, in this blog we will explore how much time and money professionals could be wasting on typing when they could instead be using professional transcriptionists or speech recognition software.

Time is money

Based on that seven-times-faster figure, we calculated a few eye-opening statistics of our own:

  • An average page of text takes about 2 minutes to speak, but 14 minutes to type, which means speaking is has an 86-percent time savings. That translates to a massive cost savings for firms that charge an hourly rate.
    • For example, a $150-an-hour attorney would lose about $35 typing his or her own page of text when he or she could delegate to a professional transcriptionist for about $3.50 per page, or use speech recognition software for zero additional dollars. Time saved could then be leveraged to finish other projects or generate new clients, all of which result in additional revenue for the firm.

Speed and flexibility

Thanks to advances in cloud-based and speech recognition technology, professionals can experience these time and cost savings from anywhere. Using a dictation recorder app for the smartphone, lawyers, physicians, insurance adjusters or other mobile professionals can dictate into their device and then securely transfer the voice files to a cloud-based dictation management platform, to be transcribed by speech recognition technology. Or, professionals can take advantage of a transcription service, which is ideal for law, medicine and the many industries transcribing many complex documents.

While in the office, professionals could access the new version of Philips SpeechExec Pro, which features Nuance Dragon Professional speech recognition integration, making document creation one simple process. Attorneys who wish to expand support for legal vocabularies can use Philips SpeechExec Pro 10 with Dragon Legal, providing advanced functionalities for increased flexibility.

Focus on your strengths

For most professionals, typing is slowing them down and is not the best investment of their time and skills. Using voice technology can help focus on their strengths by reducing the amount of typing in their day to boost productivity levels and customer satisfaction resulting from faster service.

Question: Besides document creation, how else do you use dictation to save time and improve productivity?

*For more information about this study, please contact Speech Processing Solutions.


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