What version of SpeechExec do you have?

Checking what version you have installed is so simple, it’s literally 2 mouse clicks. In fact, in most versions, it shows up on the start up splash screen as you see below.

Understanding what version you have installed will allow you to coordinate SpeechExec Updates with other software such as your operating system.

How to check

If you have already SpeechExec opened, you can;

  1. Click  Help then
  2. Click About

  1. View the precise version here.


Now that you know what version you are currently running, we encourage you to make sure you always running the latest version. This is good insurance to insure maximum productivity over the long term.


To learn more about how to update your software, check out this post (coming soon)

Need to revoke your license? Check out this post

Do you need to find more product support for SpeechExec?

Find it on the Philips’s product support page

For SpeechExec Standard, click here

Where to get support for Philips SpeechExec Standard

Support for Philips SpeechExec Standard can be found with the PocketMemo Dictation and transcription set

For SpeechExec Pro, click here


Want to catch up on the latest SpeechExec Webinar? (coming soon)

Still have a question? Go ahead and contact us


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