Speak up to catch the eye of your managing partners

Looking to grow your legal career? Speak up to catch the eye of your managing partner.

In the innovative, meticulous world of law, attorneys are expected to have it all and do it all. An attorney’s success relies on more than just sheer legal knowledge and ability – firms are looking at a variety of attributes amongst its newer attorneys that they can’t get from a book. Are they able to hit billable hour requirements? Can they demonstrate strategic leadership within the firm? Are they able to manage client expectations and maintain their client base?

It would be great if attorneys had more time in the day to hone these intangible skills that will set themselves apart from the pack and grow their career. Aspiring lawyers must demonstrate responsiveness, flexibility and creativity to be successful and noticed amongst senior partners. Modern innovations, such as voice technology, bring new methods of efficiencies that allow users to save time, effectively outsource and create important documents on the go, all while staying organized enough to catch the eye of the senior partners and gaining an advantage over their competition. Here are four ways attorneys can use their voice & modern tech to get ahead at their firms:

  1. Speak up: Most attorneys can speak 7x faster than they type, and without common errors that are found with old-fashion typing. Lawyers can tap into this skill to create letters, memos and other documents all while being able to edit and comment on documents on the go. This may free up time that could be used to help other attorneys that may be hard-pressed for time, demonstrating a team-player attitude.
  2. Go Mobile: With voice recorder apps now on ubiquitous smartphones, attorneys can respond faster and more accurately to their client needs and requests – demonstrating a higher level of responsiveness.
  3. Play to your strengths: By training, attorneys are highly skilled verbal communicators and voice tech leverages this capability to achieve greater levels of efficiency. Capitalize on your communication skills and use voice technology to arrange prospective client meetings and provide substantive information to the prospect in a matter of minutes – winning notable and noticeable new client business without ever having to enter a keystroke.
  4. Practice makes perfect: Voice technology allows novice attorneys to practice opening and closing statements, speeches and remarks to ensure seamless execution when it matters most. Voice recorder apps make it much easier to replay a recording, edit and comment where additional practice may be needed to deliver a successful performance even in high-stress courtroom scenarios.

Modern technology allows attorneys to get more done throughout the day and create additional bandwidth to enable lawyers to develop genuine relationships with their clients. By freeing up time and headspace from simple tasks, technology also enables them to understand individual client needs and gain an edge on the competition. Voice technology helps attorneys save time, become more responsive to client and partner requests, increase visibility to senior-leadership, improve client service and actively advance their own skills, allowing them to leverage their voices and truly set themselves apart from their peers to distinguish themselves and quickly grow their careers.

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