Updating your credit card in SpeechLive

Here is a quick little ‘how to’ guide for updating your credit card information in Philips SpeechLive complete with pictures.

Step 1 – Log into your SpeechLive account.

Along the top of the web page, you will see the top menu like the picture below;

Log into your SpeechLive account and find the Online Shop

Step 2 – Scroll Down and Locate the Section called “Update your credit card information”

Use this picture below to find the right section

Click the green  “CHANGE” button you see on the right

Go ahead and enter your new card information and make sure you double check your typing.

Want to Check the Renewal Status ?

On the same page just above the “Update credit card” you will see a section called Your Current Product just like the picture below

Here, you can see the primary renewal information

  1. The product purchased
  2. The total number of licenses (how many you will be billed for)
  3. The total active licenses (how many of the total are currently being used)
  4. This is the date that your account will renew and charge your credit card


If you have any questions about SpeechLive, we are happy to help!

Please use the contact us form or leave a comment below.

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