5 work technologies to add to your holiday wish list

What’s on your wish-list this holiday season? If you’re like us, you might want great new tools and solutions to increase workflow efficiencies in the New Year. For instance, physicians may have issues concentrating around hospitals with conversation buzz all around them or attorneys may have difficulty focusing on finishing a brief with a long to-do list. From amazing office gadgets to productivity-boosting tech, there is an astounding array of products out there that will help you stick to task in 2018 and make your co-workers green with envy at your new office toys.

This year as you’re shopping for friends and family, don’t forget yourself! Here are some of our top picks for your work tech wish-list this year – There is sure to be a lot of buzz in the cubicles when you walk into the office with these 5 tech gifts and have already gotten started on your 2018 productivity goals:

  • Smart Desks: Sitting upright or standing while working can increase productivity by up to 10%, increasing energy levels and boosting your concentration. Smart desks can do dual duty, helping to achieve the necessary focus to drive deeper productivity, and even reminding you to stand or monitoring your vitals if you’re looking to focus on your health in 2018!
  • Noise Canceling Headphones: Having trouble getting anything done in the office with colleagues having conversations around you? Maybe it’s time to try noise canceling headphones – focus on what’s most important when you’re in the office to make the most out of your day. Plus, many models today are Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to listen to music or tune out conversations without getting tangled up in wires!
  • Fitness Tracker: Similar to studies behind standing desks, it’s been shown that taking more breaks throughout your day can help increase productivity and is essential for your physical and emotional health. A fitness tracker will remind you to get up and move throughout the day, allow you to create health benchmarks to work against and push you to take much-needed breaks to keep your mind clear and help you focus.
  • Voice Technology: With voice technology, you have the potential to turn your thoughts into text 3x faster than typing – and with 99% accuracy. New technologies are introduced or updated all the time, with many devices focusing on mobility and flexibility, which allows you to record your thoughts and turn them into full documents wherever you are, enhancing productivity both in the office and on-the-go.
  • Workflow & Task Automation Apps: The crucial step to making sure you’re working at maximum efficiency is to reduce how much time you’re spending on one activity, or find new organization and connectivity tools to help you better track and prioritize your day. Technology today can help you stay motivated and on task to help you achieve your goals, track your time and even record your thoughts and ideas. Popular apps with these capabilities include Strides, FocusList and the Philips Voice Recorder App.

If you decide to add these technologies to your holiday wish list, you may see your office productivity improve, as well as your health and well-being. Who knows, you may even meet your New Year’s productivity resolutions before the second half of the year!

Whatever your wish list or New Year’s goals, we hope you have a Happy Holiday and a healthy and productive New Year!

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