Online transcription is a thing

So, do you know what it is and how it works?

Philips has an amazing product that takes typing and working with your voice a step further from what you might be used to right now. Looking for more flexibility and convenience to get your documents done?

First of all – you do not need software any longer, because – to be honest – who wants to deal with installs and updates all the time. It all works in our browser!

And what’s pretty cool – you can still just connect a foot pedal and headset to your PC like in old times to listen, control the play back and transcribe voice files straight from a web browser.

It’s called Philips SpeechLive and is a full dictation and transcription workflow solution on a simply monthly subscription basis. Just create a commitment-free 30-day trial account and you’re good to go.

You can upload voice files to the SpeechLive cloud in three easy ways:

  • Directly from your PC
  • From your voice recorder connected to your PC
  • From your smartphone through the free Philips recorder app

You have access to your voice files at all times and anywhere, no matter, if on your own PC or any other work station. You just log in to Philips SpeechLive in the browser window and all your voice files and documents are there.

Typing your documents from the cloud is equally simple:


Ever thought about outsourcing some of the typing? Figuring out which company to work with and how to get your voice files and documents back and forth is cumbersome?

With Philips SpeechLive you have two amazing options built right into the system.

  • You can use speech recognition for immediate transfer of voice to text. Since it’s a machine who does the work here, all you need to do afterwards is to review the speech-recognition generated document to make sure it’s all correct.
  • If you prefer to have a human help you out, no problem! The professional transcription service within SpeechLive is there when you need it – 24/7. The service is super dependable and less expensive than subcontracting another supplier. And you can decide voice file by voice file which ones you want to have typed up and which ones you take care of yourself. It’s all in your hands, or better – just a mouse click away.


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