Get to know Philips SpeechLive

Done with software updates and being tied to your computer?

Here’s what you need to go from your voice to a text document 21st-century-style.


The cloud based dictation solution Philips SpeechLive helps you to transfer voice into text. No matter what you’d normally type – just consider talking instead – your notes, protocols, meeting minutes, reports, …

Use the Philips Voice Recorder app for your smartphone or any other recorder to record your voice. Send your recorded file directly from the app to Philips SpeechLive or upload when you’re using a recorder. Then you have several options at your fingertips to turn your recording into a document:

  • Type it yourself by listening to the recording within SpeechLive. Check out our blog post on online transcription!
  • Send it to or have SpeechLive automatically notify someone to type it for you, if you have that luxury 🙂
  • Send it to the professional Philips transcription service. They can even type something on your letterhead for you!
  • Send it to the Philips speech recognition service for immediate text creation 24/7.
  • Or just save and store the recording for later.

No matter what option you choose, all flows back into SpeechLive and to your smartphone app. Access your personal SpeechLive worklist from any PC by logging in via a web browser. The “pay-per-use” model is flexible and transparent as you only pay depending on your needs.

Interested? Try it for free:

Need more information or have questions? Simply drop us a comment!

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