Using Dragon Mode

Eh? What?

Unfortunately our materials aren’t covering (yet) how to tame real life dragons, but you might really like the following tips, when you have a Philips SpeechMike Premium dictation microphone.

Still unsure, if this is for you?

To learn what a Philips SpeechMike Premium is, what it can do for you and why you want one, stop by our website and have a look at the product and the different models available. Take me there!

Once you’ve explored that step and you’re really getting into it, you will most likely use this dictation microphone with speech recognition. The Philips SpeechMike Premium series comes with a studio-quality microphone and a built-in triple layer noise reduction filter for clearest recordings and most accurate speech recognition results. To support seamless working with speech recognition software from Nuance and conveniently access the most common control for speech recognition directly via the Philips SpeechMike Premium buttons – instead of having to switch to your keyboard – you can switch device to “Dragon Mode”.

Ah! Give me the details.

We have created a short graphical instruction which shows how to easily switch the Philips SpeechMike Premium between Dragon and Standard mode. This instruction guide also includes a detailed overview of the differences of the SpeechMike Premium button assignments in Standard and Dragon mode.

Click here to download a graphical instruction for the above steps.

Here’s the simple trick:

  • Press the End-of-letter/priority (*EoL/**Prio) button and the Insert/overwrite (INS/OVR) button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  • The LED of both buttons shortly lights up orange.


We have also put together a detailed Tech Tip on this topic, if you’d like to dive a little deeper: Tech Tip for Dragon Mode


Any questions? Simply leave us a comment and we are happy to help!

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