How innovative is your dictation solution?

Competitive markets demand efficiency

Implementing technological innovation as a means of creating more efficiency continues to be a top trend for law firms. Fast document creation with various voice-to-text options, connecting authors and assistants on one platform, and efficient and cost-saving IT administration are important factors for enterprise-wide installs. A modular structure of software elements that easily evolves and grows with your company’s needs as well as concurrent licensing helps to stay in control of IT costs.

A new version of the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise dictation workflow solution has just been released and includes major updates to support such integrated and flexible workflows. The software streamlines the dictation and document creation process specifically important to legal practices, giving everyone in the process all the flexibility they need.

Future-proof with central administration

The center piece of the software is central administration, which is an obvious component in other software areas, but rare in dictation software. IT administrators seamlessly manage virtually all elements of the solution across their organization. This capability allows all workflow settings, including the hardware input devices, to be centrally administrated and configured. The solution is also Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix and VMware ready, making the installation process easier and more convenient for both users and IT administrators. Installation and setup can also be done through silent setup and support occurs remotely, saving on local support costs.

Smarter communication with mobile workflows

Larger organizations with multiple authors, assistants and transcriptionists involved in the document creation process are typically looking for features that allow them more flexibility to manage the workload. Above and beyond the established dictation and transcription workflow functionality, not only authors, but also office assistants have now greater mobility and location independence with mobile workflows.

With the Philips voice recorder app, authors can send dictations securely from their smartphone to SpeechExec Enterprise and check the status of dictations and transcribed documents directly on their phone. They can also benefit from an optional pay-per-use speech recognition and transcription service directly from the app. For the speech recognition experts among legal professionals, the software offers an interface to Nuance Dragon Legal, which offers higher accuracy thanks to industry specific terminology.

Make the world your office

The new web access feature enables transcriptionists to access and transcribe dictations online from any computer with internet access, making the world their office. Recorded voice files are automatically routed within the software and entered into the work list queue for immediate transcription. These new automation and web access features enable a seamless workflow even when teams work decentralized or are out of office.


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