FAQs for Philips VoiceTracer audio recorders

This blog, as well as being a resource for the latest voice technology,  is also here to help when you feel stuck. We have collected the most common questions for the Philips Voice Tracer audio recorders to help build a library that provides you with quick answers in an effort to provide best customer service. If your question is not covered below, please leave us a comment. We are honored that you chose Philips and are here to ensure you are happy with your purchase.


Does the Philips VoiceTracer include transcription Software?

  • No, Philips VoiceTracers are classified as audio recorders and note takers for recording only. If you need documents typed into text (transcribed), you can work with a Philips SpeechLive subscription where you can use speech recognition or a professional transcription service on demand. Another alternative is to look into an Entry level professional dictation kit, like the Philips Pocket Memo 6700 Dictation and Transciption Set.

Which models include speech recognition software?

  • Only the DVT2710 comes with a basic version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) speech recognition software. All other models are compatible with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, but the software must be purchased separately from Nuance (it is not a Philips product).

Can I use speech recognition software to turn my meeting recordings into text?

  • No, speech recognition software only works for one speaker. If you need to transcribe meetings, you can look into the the multi-speaker transcription service through Philips SpeechLive. This is a specialty service provided through a human transcription service and can be easily accessed with a SpeechLive subscription when you need it.

Is the VoiceTracer compatible with Mac?

  • Yes, the VoiceTracer is compatible with Mac, you just need to connect the recorder with the supplied USB cable to the computer. Note: Some Mac books only support a USB type C connection. To connect the VoiceTracer you need USB C to USB A adapter.

Is the speech recognition software included with the DVT2710 model compatible with Mac OS?

  • No. The DragonNaturally Speaking (DNS) speech recognition software only works on Windows PCs.

Where can I find the product key for my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software?

  • You can find the product key on the installation disc delivered with the DVT2710.

My Computer doesn’t recognize the Philips VoiceTracer via USB.

  • If you are using a USB hub, connect the VoiceTracer directly to the computer without a hub.
  • Test the VoiceTracer on another USB port.
  • Test the VoiceTracer on another computer.
  • Use a different USB cable.

My VoiceTracer doesn’t turn on.

  • If the batteries are dead, replace the batteries.
  • The lithium-ion battery is discharged, connect the VoiceTracer with the USB cable to the computer and wait few hours until the battery is charged. Note: A complete charging cycle takes about 3.5 hours. The computer must be turned on when charging the batteries. If the USB port of the computer does not supply enough power, use an external battery charger.

 My VoiceTracer is showing “full memory”. How do I solve this problem?

  • When your memory is full, you need to download and back up files to your computer and then delete recordings from your recorder. Don’t forget to check all folders A, B, C, D on your VoiceTracer.

Does the recorder come with an SD card?

  • No, it does not come with an SD card, but built-in memory lasts for up to 88 days of continuous recording (8 GB models). Some recorder models are equipped with a micro SD memory card slot to expand the recording capacity as needed. The micro SD card must be purchased separately.

How many hours will I be able to record?

  • The hours of recording time depend on the memory available and the recording mode chosen.  The recording times for the 8 GB models depending on the recording mode are 2280 h (LP), 284 h (SP), 190 h (HQ), 90 h (SHQ), 12 h (PCM). The recording times for the 4 GB models are 24 h (HQ mode), 75 h (SP mode), 295 h (LP mode). Please note that not all models support all recording modes. For the exact details on each model, please visit our website.

Is there an overview across all current models?


  • Gerald Thomas

    my voice recorder still not recognize by either another computer and even changing the usb cable , computer are Windows 10

    • Hello, can you please let us know which voice recorder you are using (eg. model number?). You can also send a message to info.na@speech.com to further explain your issue and send us your contact info, so we can look into this for you.

  • I’m using the recorder pictured above with the Dragon software CD along side of it.

    • Hello, we have forwarded your inquiry to support. They will contact you directly to further look into it.

  • voice tracker DVT8010 wont turn on.
    Tried plugging into computer.
    How do I replace battery?

    • Hello Helen, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with one of our VoiceTracers. Can you please send us a message with your contact details and information where you purchased the product to info.na@speech.com to further look into this for you. Thank you!

      • hi I have the same problem with my DVT8010. it does not turning on. where do I buy parts for this recorder? They told me that maybe is the plaque of the device.

      • Hello Elena, can you please send us information where you purchased your recorder and where you are located to info.na@speech.com.

  • Hello, i have the philip voice tracer DVT4010. I have some recordings in it which i want to transcribe but it is not recognised on my macbook. it did for a short while but is no longer recognising. How can i fix this?

  • My Philips VoiceTracer was previously recognised by Windows 10 laptop but is no longer. Have tried all the connection alternatives suggested and either nothing at all happens or the laptop says the latest device is not recognised. Hope you can help, Jack

    • I’ve just com back online to say that I tried one more USB cable, a very short one from a more recent purchase and the recorder was recognised. I use it mainly for transcribing stuff for my writing, so it was great to get it back on track again. Best Wishes to all, Jack

  • Tomas Zvolensky

    I have encountered the problem of the pc (win10) not recognizing the 4010 as an external drive with the original cable from the package. I have used a random cable (much longer than the original one) and it worked.

  • I have DVT1250. When I go into the Menu, once I go into a submenu, such as Recording Quality, I cannot navigate using the arrows to Quality Settings or any other option. It only stays at the top item of Mic Sensitivity. If I go into Mic Sensitivity it only stays on High. I cannot navigate to Low.

    • Ronna Catalino

      Hi Kelly, thank you for your question. Once you have gotten to the menu item you would like to access using the arrows, press the record button to open the menu, and then use the volume buttons on the side of the recorder to navigate up and down.

  • Karen Delves-Hay

    My Phillips Voice Tracer was working okay but then when I clicked on a voice file to add to play list on Windows Media Player, so I could burn to disc, it wouldn’t move past this point saying that the executive server had failed. Please let me know what I can do to rectify this problem? I’m not sure of the model number but it has 3 microphones (zoom) and a circular Boundary layer attachment microphone; probably 2 years old if that. Many thanks, Karen

    • Ronna Catalino

      Hi Karen, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties. In order to uncover the source of the issue, we would need to troubleshoot and look into this further. Please call customer service at 1-844-222-3055 with a detailed description of the problem. Thank you!

  • Barbara Norton

    How do I adjust the volume on my Phillips voice tracer?

  • Hello, I am using the DVT1150 Voice Tracer and I am unable to record. It tells me that it is full and yet I have emptied all the files on the computer. should I delete each empty folder as well? I cannot find any other files to delete other than the manual. why does it still tell me it is full?

    • Hi Tan, you could try to do a full reset since there are no recordings on the device. That should make sure there is nothing on the recorder. Hope this helps!

      Memory formatting:
      Formatting the memory deletes all recordings and files saved on the device.
      You can use this feature to delete all data and format the selected memory.
      1 In stop mode (start-up screen), press MENU for at least two seconds.
      2 Press e to select the FORMAT function.
      3 Select OK by pressing h/b.
      4 Press the j key to exit the menu

  • Hi, I am using a DVT2500 Voice Tracer and want to transfer recordings from internal memory to my mac. The device is not recognised by my mac as it is not showing up in Finder. However, the Voice Tracer screen shows it is connected to a USB port. I have tried using another USB port, another mac, another Windows, changing different cables. Nothing works. The Voice Tracer is not recognised by any of the mac or Windows. I need to transfer the recordings out from the internal memory. Hope you can help! Thank you!

    • Hello, please call customer support, so they can help with further troubleshooting. Please have your model number, date of purchase and serial number of your product ready. The phone number is +1 844 222 3055. Opening hours are from Mo-Fr 8am-8pm EST.

  • Rizalina Cinquegrani

    Is it safe to leave my voice tracer charging in 5 days while continue recording for 5 days

  • I have a Philips Voice Tracer that I use for recordings of my research interviews. I have been able to copy and save my recordings to my computer every day but since Monday the new recordings do not display on my computer. They are on the recorder and I can listen to them but as soon as I open the VOICE file in file explorer only the old recordings display. I need to send the recordings to a transcriber but I cannot send the recorder as I need to continue recording new interviews. All my interviews was recorded in file A and and the new ones show in file A on the recorder but not in file A or any of the other files on the computer.

  • I transfer music files from my PC to a Philips 5500 in either the Voice or Music folders, and while they can be recognised and accessed via the computer, the 5500 does no recognise they are there. Why?

    • Hi, I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties with your Philips VoiceTracer. Please reach out to support at +1 844 222 3055.

  • Hi there. I have a VoiceTracer DV 2510. I was adjusting the date, and now I found that after doing a test recording, I only can hear the second part of the recording. I tried on my windows pc and the whole recording is there. Is there a way to fix this on my device? thanks.

    • Ronna Catalino

      Hi Natilla, sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your DVT2510. In order to further look into this issue, please contact support at +1 844 222 3055.

      • Thanks Ronna. My child found that he has to press three times in order to get the recording back to start.

  • Audrey M Carter

    My voice tracer DVT4010 was working and suddenly cut off. I tried to recharge it with the USB cord but now it won’t cut on or recharge. I have recordings on it. How can I get it to cut on?

    • Hi Audrey, sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your DVT4010. In order to further look into this issue, please contact support at +1 844 222 3055.

  • Lynda Freebus

    For my new voice tracker 2050, do I have to recharge from my computer or can any USB port be ok?

  • Hello. My Dell laptop computer isn’t recognising my DVT2500, and I think the voice recorder may have lost its driver. Where can I download a replacement, free if poss.?

  • Hi, my recorder says memory full even when I have deleted everything. Not sure what model it is but it is the one with the 3 mic system.

    • Hello, thank you for your comment. Have you checked, if all folders are also empty? A Philips Voice Tracer has 4 different folders. If this does not solve it, please send us a message with your contact details and problem description to sales.na@speech.com, so we can further look into this for you.

  • Hello, I was using my voice tracer DVT2050 and suddenly the screen get frozen and only showed the menu, I tried to turn it off, but that didn’t work, it still on. I don`t know how to fix it

  • I have a new VoiceTracer DVT2050, and I cannot get any computer to recognize the recorder. I tried a different cord, and I have the same problem. What other options do I have? My operating system is Windows 11

  • Is there a way to slow down the speed of the recording when it is playing?

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  • I recharged my VoiceTracer yesterday by plugging the USB into my computer. Now, the battery is full, but I cannot turn the device off. It continues to show the picture of the now fully recharged battery, and the led-light stays on. None of the buttons work. Please help.

  • My dvt4110 recognizes the SD card but won’t record to it. Formated and still won’t record.

  • My DV6010 won’t charge.

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