FAQs for Philips VoiceTracer audio recorders

This blog, as well as being a resource for the latest voice technology,  is also here to help when you feel stuck. We have collected the most common questions for the Philips Voice Tracer audio recorders to help build a library that provides you with quick answers in an effort to provide best customer service. If your question is not covered below, please leave us a comment. We are honored that you chose Philips and are here to ensure you are happy with your purchase.


Does the Philips VoiceTracer include transcription Software?

  • No, Philips VoiceTracers are classified as audio recorders and note takers for recording only. If you need documents typed into text (transcribed), you can work with a Philips SpeechLive subscription where you can use speech recognition or a professional transcription service on demand. Another alternative is to look into an Entry level professional dictation kit, like the Philips Pocket Memo 6700 Dictation and Transciption Set.

Which models include speech recognition software?

  • Only the DVT2710 comes with a basic version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) speech recognition software. All other models are compatible with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software, but the software must be purchased separately from Nuance (it is not a Philips product).

Can I use speech recognition software to turn my meeting recordings into text?

  • No, speech recognition software only works for one speaker. If you need to transcribe meetings, you can look into the the multi-speaker transcription service through Philips SpeechLive. This is a specialty service provided through a human transcription service and can be easily accessed with a SpeechLive subscription when you need it.

Is the VoiceTracer compatible with Mac?

  • Yes, the VoiceTracer is compatible with Mac, you just need to connect the recorder with the supplied USB cable to the computer. Note: Some Mac books only support a USB type C connection. To connect the VoiceTracer you need USB C to USB A adapter.

Is the speech recognition software included with the DVT2710 model compatible with Mac OS?

  • No. The DragonNaturally Speaking (DNS) speech recognition software only works on Windows PCs.

Where can I find the product key for my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software?

  • You can find the product key on the installation disc delivered with the DVT2710.

My Computer doesn’t recognize the Philips VoiceTracer via USB.

  • If you are using a USB hub, connect the VoiceTracer directly to the computer without a hub.
  • Test the VoiceTracer on another USB port.
  • Test the VoiceTracer on another computer.
  • Use a different USB cable.

My VoiceTracer doesn’t turn on.

  • If the batteries are dead, replace the batteries.
  • The lithium-ion battery is discharged, connect the VoiceTracer with the USB cable to the computer and wait few hours until the battery is charged. Note: A complete charging cycle takes about 3.5 hours. The computer must be turned on when charging the batteries. If the USB port of the computer does not supply enough power, use an external battery charger.

 My VoiceTracer is showing “full memory”. How do I solve this problem?

  • When your memory is full, you need to download and back up files to your computer and then delete recordings from your recorder. Don’t forget to check all folders A, B, C, D on your VoiceTracer.

Does the recorder come with an SD card?

  • No, it does not come with an SD card, but built-in memory lasts for up to 88 days of continuous recording (8 GB models). Some recorder models are equipped with a micro SD memory card slot to expand the recording capacity as needed. The micro SD card must be purchased separately.

How many hours will I be able to record?

  • The hours of recording time depend on the memory available and the recording mode chosen.  The recording times for the 8 GB models depending on the recording mode are 2280 h (LP), 284 h (SP), 190 h (HQ), 90 h (SHQ), 12 h (PCM). The recording times for the 4 GB models are 24 h (HQ mode), 75 h (SP mode), 295 h (LP mode). Please note that not all models support all recording modes. For the exact details on each model, please visit our website.

Is there an overview across all current models?


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