Video series: Talk… Text… SpeechLive

Voice technology is more prevalent than ever now that we are surrounded by smartphones, smart cars, smart home appliances, voice assistants and more. The simplicity of being able to speak to digital assistants is becoming more common and leads us away from typing to talking.

This development has also lead to a revamping of traditional dictation solutions. Speech recognition functionality is now an integral part of dictation and transcription workflows. Furthermore the expectation and ability to work from anywhere has put new demands on software and hardware. Philips SpeechLive moves dictation to the cloud, connects with your smartphone, offers speech recognition and professional transcription on demand, and allows for voice file replay and transcription simply in a web browser.

This first part of a three part video series explains how Philips SpeechLive revolutionizes working with your voice to create documents.


Video 1: How SpeechLive transfers your voice to text


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