5 secrets to supercharge your productivity

For today’s busy legal professionals, every minute in the day counts. There’s always an endless list of briefs to write, client meetings to attend, and paperwork to file – and never enough time to do it all. But the right technologies can ease the workload by automating and streamlining time and labor-intensive tasks.

In this free eBook, we outline how legal professionals can use technology to:

Improve workflow management across the entire organization

  • By centralizing the administration of dictation software, firms enable all workflow and user settings – including the settings on any hardware input devices – to quickly and easily installed, configured, updated, and maintained for all users.

Access all the capabilities of the office, anytime and anywhere, with mobile and web resources

  • Whether they are used to prepare for client meetings while commuting or to quickly draft a document at home, secure smartphone apps with capabilities for instant transcription and data transfer to the office mean dictation becomes as accessible as email, text, and other commonly used applications

Create more time to dedicate to high-impact legal analysis and client services

  • Speech recognition technologies cut down on the amount of time spent on administrative tasks by mitigating manual processes.

Speed up the document creation process while making it less cumbersome

  • Digitized transcription and related workflow software allows legal professionals to skip multi-step and multi-channel hand-off processes to legal assistants and other support staff in creating documents

Keep confidential information safe with built-in security measures

  • Voice technologies can protect both clients and firms with state-of-the-art security measures.

Attorneys and other legal professionals can leverage technology designed to meet the needs of the industry to get valuable time back in their day, including time for additional productivity, client services and billable hours. Implementing easy-to-use solutions within various workflows is a way to make immediate and meaningful positive impacts.

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