Digital Voice Recorders vs. Smartphones

While smartphones can do the ‘work’, they are certainly not built to be digital recorders. Digital voice recorders, however, thrive when put to the test! A designated recording device is perfect for anyone that wants to get things done simpler and faster – without compromising quality.

So what makes digital recorders so superior to smartphones when it comes to recording? Well…

Ideal microphone placement

With studio quality microphones located at the top of the voice recorders, you do not have to worry about muffling or missed words. Because of the ideal placement, the microphones do not need to be held directly up to your mouth. The microphones will zoom in and clearly record, no matter the distance from the source. Smartphone microphones do not have that kind of reach and are placed at the bottom of the device, ideal for phone calls, but not recording.

Expandable storage capacity

With a digital voice recorder, along with the storage already on the device, you can add a Micro SD card to add even more space. Also, your digital voice recorder is a device dedicated just to recordings, unlike your smartphone that you use for pictures, apps, games, and videos that take up most of the storage needed for recordings.

Long battery life

Digital voice recorders carry a 48 hour or more guaranteed battery life, and some include removable batteries which can be charged and used as a second backup option. Smartphones don’t have detachable batteries, so a second battery option is not usually possible unless you consider a second smartphone. The smartphone can only record a 2-hour session with its battery life. Digital voice recorders boast over 1000 hours of recording time.

Filters background and ambient noise

Last but surely not least, digital voice recorders filter out all of the noise around you while you dictate on the go. This allows for more accurate transcription and a more efficient process. High-quality recording is essential for clear playback and accurate speech recognition. While smartphones are easy to take with us, they are not built for dictation. Even the smartest smartphone will pick up unnecessary background noise, creating errors in the dictation and causing more edits to be made. Voice recorders are essentially miniature recording studios that ensure minimal background noise and give you a quality experience, and you won’t have to worry about receiving a call or text in the middle of your dictation.


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