How to uninstall SpeechExec on Windows 10

Are you looking to install a newer version of SpeechExec on your computer and want to get rid of the older version first?

Did you know?

SpeechExec software versions, prior to SpeechExec 10.x, are unable to be modified or uninstalled via the Windows 10 Apps & features applet.



As you can see, the Windows 10 applet does not allow for the [Modify] or [Uninstall] options as they are grayed-out or otherwise disabled for selection.

This is because the installer, used by this older software, cannot be handled via the Apps & features method.

So how do you uninstall your old version of SpeechExec?

Upgrading SpeechExec v10.6 directly from 10.0 is not supported. Updating to SEP 10.6 is supported from: SEP 10.2 (Build SEP 10.5 (Build SEP 10.5-SR1 (Build For upgrades from earlier versions, please make sure you have a record of the license key, revoke the license from within the SpeechExec software under Help>License Information>Revoke, uninstall the old version and install the latest version after that.

Once you have successfully recorded and revoked the SpeechExec license key and closed the software…

You must use the legacy Programs and Features applet available in the Windows Control Panel and choose [Change].



The wizard will run and you may select to [Remove] the product!


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