Allowing Access to Your SpeechMike on Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10 version 1809, there is a new setting that may effect the performance of your Philips SpeechMike. Under “Privacy Settings” for “Microphone” you can find the new setting “Allow Access to the Microphone on this Device.”

After a Windows update you may find “Microphone Access for this device” is set to OFF. When this is off, your SpeechMike does not record and you may be presented with the message below:


speechmike tech tip


How to allow microphone access:


speechmike tech tip 1


Once you have opened the microphone window, you will see that access for the microphone is turned off, as shown below:

speechmike tech tip 2

Click Change. Turn microphone access ON.


speechmike tech tip 3


Once access for the microphone is turned on, your SpeechMike should record as normal.



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