5 Easy Steps to Disabling Buttons on your DPM8000

Are there buttons on your Digital PocketMemo 8000 Series recorder that you are not using and would like to disable? Here are 5 easy steps to disabling buttons on your DPM8000 via the SpeechExec Pro Dictate software.


Step 1

Connect your DPM8000 to the computer.

Wait for the device to be recognized by SpeechExec and select the Recorder Settings button.

dpm tech tip 1


Step 2

The DPM General Settings dialog box will appear. Click Start Configuration.

dpm tech tip 2


Step 3

The Recorder Configuration window opens to display settings by default. Select Buttons.

dpm tech tip 3


Step 4

Here, you can customize the functions of your Digital PocketMemo buttons, including disabling some buttons (EOL, +/-).

To disable buttons, select More recorder button settings.

dpm tech tip 4


Step 5

Deselect the button(s) you wish to disable. Click OK to save your changes.

dpm tech tip 5


Once those changes have been saved, the buttons on your DPM8000 should be disabled.


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