Why the Right Tech Makes Quality Patient Care Easier

In today’s healthcare environment, patients expect providers to deliver not only outstanding medical care, but excellent service as well. Our team believes when it comes to meeting expectations in both these areas, big results come in small packages – such as innovative technology, like dictation devices, designed specifically for the demands of the healthcare field.


We are proud to help providers around the world remain better connected to patients and their care by leveraging state-of-the-art dictation solutions. Some of the significant positive impacts these technologies can make include:


Increased time with patients

One of the most important ways speech technologies support better engagement is reducing the amount of time spent on documentation and administration, allowing providers more time with their patients. Our SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset, for example, features a comfortable, ergonomic design and a quick-charging, high-performance battery which lasts the entire work day. Its hygienic surfaces protect against various bacteria, viruses, and fungi to support a more hygienic work experience when visiting with multiple patients in different environments throughout the day.


Superior mobility & flexibility

Another key aspect of supporting patients in today’s “anytime, anywhere” landscape is enabling providers to work wherever and however they need to. Mobile technologies such as the SpeechOne and the SpeechMike Premium Air free providers from their desks or computers while delivering all the capabilities needed to care for and serve their patients. Further, the solutions can be customized to meet the individual needs of each user. With features such as fully configurable function buttons and the ability to clearly signify availability via “free” or “busy” status, the solutions provide unmatched personalization and flexibility in the way each user chooses to work.


Security against increasingly sophisticated threats

As bad actors find new ways to access and misuse personal data, encryption (scrambling sensitive data and making it readable only via password) is imperative for securing and sending private information. In the healthcare industry especially, where patient privacy is paramount, encryption is a must-have – but it is not a functionality of most general-use technologies. Dictation solutions designed specifically for healthcare automatically encrypt notes, adding another layer of security to information while keeping it easily accessible for authorized users.


Automated integration with existing systems

Speech technologies can even streamline patients’ referral-to-treatment pathway and facilitate earlier intervention by integrating seamlessly with protocols and systems already in place. For example, our SpeechMike Premium bar code devices link patient data to a recorded file simply by scanning a bar code, streamlining the documentation process. By removing much of the manual processes from these time-intensive tasks, we enable providers to give their patients the care they need faster and increase their satisfaction rates.


Is your practice making the most of what technology has to offer? To learn more about how to leverage purpose-built healthcare solutions to maximize patient engagement and satisfaction, download our free eBook today.



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