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Mark Robinson SC is a practicing Senior Counsel based in Sydney focusing primarily on administrative and general law. He is now housed at the renowned Maurice Byers Chambers in Sydney, where he provides legal advice and appears in courts and tribunals for his clients on a wide range of matters including commercial, corporate and criminal law.

An Avid, Long-Time Speech Recognition User

Robinson SC has relied on using speech recognition to save him time and boost his efficiency since the beginning of his career in the early 1990s. He has been dictating with the Philips SpeechMike microphone for 10 years, but missed a hands-free option at times. Recently, he started looking for a new, reliable microphone which he could use with his existing speech recognition solution and found the Philips SpeechOne wireless dictation headset.

The senior counsel explains that the transition to the new device was plug & play and he was particularly impressed by the speech recognition accuracy.

“It was outstanding, instantly outstanding. It was accurate straight away, far more accurate than my previous microphone from another brand. In fact, it was far more accurate than anything I have used before.”

Mark Robinson SC is now looking forward to using the new Philips AirBridge. The wireless adapter will allow him to take his headset anywhere, just like a wireless mouse. Excellent audio recordings and accurate speech recognition results now go anywhere he goes!


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