Embrace Technology and Jump-Start Your Career

For legal professionals eager to make a splash in their new careers, the daily realities can seem daunting at times. The plain truth is that it takes more than just legal knowledge to get ahead. In many cases, that means leveraging innovation and technology.

We spoke with senior lawyers, managing partners and experienced chief legal executives at firms in the U.S., Canada and Europe to ask what words of advice they would pass along to help legal professionals trying to grow their careers.


Here’s what they told us:


» Put your communication skills to work

Capitalize on your communication skills by using voice technology to achieve greater levels of efficiency.


» Make the most out of every minute

With the right tools, attorneys can respond faster, more securely and more accurately to client needs and requests – proving a higher level of responsiveness.


» Save clients – and your firm – time and money

Improving workflows and turnaround times on documents is a good way to increase productivity.


» Efficiency impresses clients and supervisors

By freeing up time and headspace from simple tasks, technology enables you to better understand individual client needs and gain an edge on the competition.


Consider the ways you can leverage technology and your voice to set yourself apart and jump-start your career.


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