So Many Documents, So Little Time

The Traffic Accident Board in Helsinki, Finland is a statutory body that processes compensation matters relating to motor liability insurance. The damages that the Board deals with are personal injuries and damages to property. The Board also publishes a collection of standards and guidelines relating to compensations each year.

The statutory task of the Traffic Accident Board is to provide statements and recommendations on compensation relating to traffic accidents, as required by legislation.

Increasing Efficiency with Electronic Document Management

Since the Board team decided to adopt the Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation workflow and speech recognition option, the advantages for the team’s lawyers are indisputable. The statement work is often laborious and requires a lot of concentration, because ultimately, their work involves case-specific interpretation. The Board’s goal is to increase efficiency and eliminate the use of paper with the help of electronic document management, and SpeechLive has been the perfect tool to help them do just that.

“We process up to as many as 2,000 case-specific statement requests every year, so producing the statements takes a significant amount of time. In this work, Philips SpeechLive is an excellent tool. It allows me to focus on the actual solution, it saves time, and it prevents strain injuries caused by excessive computer work.”

Niko Matikainen
Traffic Accident Board

As document management is continuing to develop, the Traffic Accident Board is considering potential new areas for employing speech recognition and boosting their efficiency even further.

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