Radiology and Speech Recognition Go Hand in Hand

At the radiology practice of Dr. Frühwald & Partner in St. Pölten, Austria, it only takes a record-breaking 1.5 hours from the patient examination to the written result. How is this possible? With the pairing of voice technology and speech recognition, of course!


The Benefits of Enhanced Speech Recognition

Dr. Julia Frühwald-Pallamar is the medical director of the Dr. Frühwald & Partner radiology practice, performing the entire scope of radiological examinations including ultra sound, conventional radiography, nuclear medicine, CT and MRI. She is also an avid user of the Philips SpeechOne dictation headset because of the exceptional speech recognition results she achieves while using it. The fixed distance between the doctor’s mouth and the headset’s microphone greatly enhances speech recognition, therefore reducing errors and turnaround time.

Not only does the doctor benefit from this fast and efficient speech-to-text workflow, but her patients do as well. Patients receive their medical reports almost immediately after their visit. Immediate dictation and speech recognition also mean more accurate reporting. Information is recorded when discussions are still fresh in mind, assuring no details are lost or missed. Patients can rest easy knowing that their doctor is well-informed with accurate information.


The Time-Saving Power of Hands-Free Dictation

The Philips SpeechOne dictation headset helps radiologists speed up their documentation work and save valuable time by freeing up their hands to allow for easier multitasking. “As I need my right hand during examinations for handling the mouse, I wanted to dictate hands-free”, Dr. Julia Frühwald-Pallamar explains. Furthermore, the cable-free design enables doctors to move freely around their work station without accidentally tripping over a cord.


Along with enhanced speech recognition and hands-free dictation, an efficient workflow is crucial to getting patients their results quickly. At the radiology practice of Dr. Frühwald & Partner, a fast and efficient workflow has been put into place. To open a patient file, the barcode of the file is simply scanned, and all necessary screens, images and data open automatically. Within seconds, a dictation is finalized, and after a quick correction circle, ready for the patient.


See the Philips SpeechOne and Dr. Julia Frühwald-Pallamar in action:



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