Get to Know the New Philips VoiceTracer App

The new line of Philips Digital VoiceTracers is here! The new VoiceTracer line-up consists of 9 different models with unique features to help users with all aspects of recording, from simple note-taking to music, video and meeting recording functionalities. These new devices enable exceptional audio quality with unprecedented ease of use, and now offer instant sharing options and mobile connectivity.

Four models of the new line-up are equipped with smartphone app connectivity:

  • DVT4110
  • DVT6110
  • DVT7110
  • DVT8110

The app, which is free of charge and available on both iOS and Android, allows users to control their recorder from their smartphones and share recordings in an instant. Users can start and stop recordings on the VoiceTracer with the app and then transfer them straight from the device to their smartphone via their phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, without having to connect their device to a computer. Here are some how-to videos to help you get connected and start recording with your new VoiceTracer!


How to Connect to the App



How to Start a Recording



How to Download your Recordings



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