How Voice Tech Can Help You Keep Up

Let’s face it, we don’t have enough time. 24 hours a day sometimes isn’t enough to tick off all the boxes on the to-do list. When it comes to turning ideas and thoughts into text we are the ultimate keyboard warriors. Without realizing it, we take too much time correcting ourselves as we type. That’s why we need to work smarter, not harder. Tools like voice recorders and speech recognition software can help us capture what’s important and save hours of typing by turning audio recordings into written text in minutes.

Get a glimpse of what voice technology can do for you. Here are some ways to get started with recording and where speech recognition technology can be useful:


Take notes with your voice

We tend to have the ‘Eureka’ moments when we least expect it. With the appropriate technology available at arms-length, you don’t have to scramble for pen and paper or even your phone while you are on the go. You also don’t have to rely on your brain to recall the information later, only to lose your original train of thought. Now you can conveniently record and store your notes and return to it later for further refining and implementation. When you have the ability to digitally transcribe your thoughts, it gives you the clarity to decide which ideas to add, re-word or omit.


Capture lectures for easy review

There is no need to try to scribble down everything your professor is saying. While you are trying to keep up, you will most likely miss important information. With a voice recorder, you can pay attention to the information that is being shared and know that the recorder is capturing every detail. You can then revisit the information later to study or to create a report.


Record interviews, vlogs, and so much more

Voice recorders are the perfect tool to help you record your projects. Easily record an interview or videos for your vlog with superior audio quality and create stunningly crisp sound for your footage. Capture your child’s first words and send the recording to your friends and family. There are so many different ways a voice recorder and speech recognition technology can be used, helping you increase productivity and keep up with all aspects of your busy life.


Share instantly

With select new Philips Digital VoiceTracers you can transfer your recordings straight from your VoiceTracer to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and instantly share them with friends and family using the convenient Philips VoiceTracer app. You no longer need to connect the recorder to your PC using a cable to transfer and share files. Having data that’s easily accessible makes it easier to share with others across a plethora of different platforms and devices.


Software that learns with you

The VoiceTracer speech recognition software can provide transcription accuracy of up to 99%. With its adaptation functionality, it’s designed to learn from the corrections you make to the transcribed text. This means the more you use the software and correct your transcriptions, the more accurate your results become.


If you want to learn more or even take the next step into professional voice recording, reach out to us. We are happy to help find the right solution for you!


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