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Technology is reshaping the insurance industry, creating new opportunities and needed skills in this previously tradition-bound industry. Forward-looking insurers aren’t just watching it happen. They are taking action and making investments that will help them become more customer-centric, improve their pricing and create operational efficiencies. Crawford & Company is doing just that with the help of Philips SpeechLive and smartphone dictation.


The right solution + the right team = The right results

For more than 75 years, the Crawford & Company team has been driving their organization’s important mission: restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities. As the world’s largest independent provider of claims management and outsourcing solutions, the company’s team has extensive experience helping people get back on track following natural disasters, medical emergencies, and many other types of incidents.

Claims adjusters must simultaneously be highly accurate, thorough, and quick. This is no easy feat when compounded with the fact that the nature of their work is highly mobile. Until a year ago, the Crawford & Company team had been using handheld recorders and supporting software for their dictations but found that the devices were not meeting their needs anymore, also consuming an inordinate amount of the IT department’s time.

With the excessive demands on IT time and resources, the Crawford team decided to implement flexible subscription based Philips SpeechLive in the field. The innovative, cloud-based dictation solution works in any web browser and seamlessly integrates with the intuitive and user-friendly Philips voice recorder app.


Read the full story HERE to see how Philips speech-to-text solutions help Crawford & Company increase efficiency and deliver the highest quality of customer service.



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