Voice Driven Technology at the Helm of 2020 Trends

Voice technology solutions of all sorts have been a growing trend in private as well as professional areas of life over the past few years. Getting things done by simply talking is growing in popularity and as we pick up those trends in our personal lives, this also means expanding business opportunities for entrepreneurs and the creation of new business segments with high potential.

This ever-evolving digital world is causing user demands to shift. Higher levels of comfort and convenience demonstrated by the younger generations, the move towards voice user interfaces, speaking messages rather than typing them out and much more are all trends that are quickly growing thanks to the power of voice.


The connection to AI

As the SaaS business model grows, it supports the trend towards implementing and using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for the masses without the heavy price tag. Mass adoption of AI in users’ everyday lives is fueling the shift towards voice applications. This will likely support the development to offer more specific AI tasks on a subscription basis.

Effective speech-to-text solutions and digitization are preconditions for any AI based automation and machine learning, as developers enable software and devices to react more skillfully to support our lives. Ultimately voice – and not a keyboard – is becoming the most natural medium for interaction between humans and machines. Many industry experts predict that nearly every application will integrate voice technology in some way in the next five years.


The battle of data security

With all this new technology on the rise there is also a growing sense, need and desire for data security, specifically when data is processed in the cloud. Ensuring data privacy, and the security of personal data, continues to be a challenge as data breaches occur daily. Providers of cloud technology are therefore accountable to fulfill the highest data security standards and provide clarity to their customers about data processing standards. This will undoubtedly be an ongoing hot topic in 2020 for all voice technology solution providers.


Mobile speed

With 2020 possibly being the year where 5G wireless achieves scale, all industries will need to understand the business implications of having high-speed and stable internet access everywhere. Your phone will be able to handle anything you normally do on your desktop computer–no matter where you are. It is predicted that this will affect the whole future of work and mobility. For example, video conferencing calls will have crystal clear sound and picture without Wi-Fi, no matter how many people are attending the call.


The list of innovative developments for voice technology is ever-growing, and 2020 will be an exciting year for major tech companies and entrepreneurs alike. New technologies have always disrupted what was in place previously, so the change continues – only faster. It will be essential for entrepreneurs and businesses to stay at the forefront of these developments and embrace the change.


If you have any questions about what voice technology can do for your business, leave a comment and let us know!


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  • David M. Williams

    I am a physician who is often scrubbed in sterile gown doing cases that are 4-8 hours long. I want a no-hands dictation system to which I can direct dictated comments during the course of these long procedures. I want to be able to direct comments into different portions of the dictation, like to “Procedure” or to “Findings” or to “Devices” etc. If you have something like this about ready to fly, please contact me
    David Williams MD, University of Michigan, Interventional Radiology.

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