A Powerful Tool for Transparency and Trust

The motto of the San Fernando Police Department in southern California is “Serving with Honor and Integrity”. As proponents of community-oriented policing, leadership within the Police Department is continuously looking for ways to nurture positive interactions with the public.

While the San Fernando Police Department has earned a strong reputation within the community and already maintains a good relationship with their public, the department saw opportunities to utilize best practices from agencies in neighboring areas for proactive improvement. Documenting statements and interviews is not a new practice, and many police organizations use recording devices to capture interactions with citizens. However, there were opportunities to expand departmental excellence in this area, as there was a lack of consistency and reliable quality when it came to capturing and filing recordings.


A solution purpose-built for the needs of law enforcement

As the only full-scope audio recording solution tailored to the Law Enforcement market, the PUMA-5 powered by Philips and PUMA Evidence Management Software quickly became the clear choice to address the department’s challenges. The PUMA-5 is a comprehensive solution combining robust, field-tested hardware and software by Philips, the leader in professional dictation solutions. Equipped with special law enforcement-focused capabilities, many of the features directly aligned to the San Fernando Police Department’s needs from start to finish.

The PUMA-5 solution has been implemented for nearly a year, and it has been well-received across the San Fernando Police Department and has helped to enhance workflows and efficacy. The PUMA-5 has been issued to all full-time sworn officers. In addition, devices are available for reserve officers to checkout during their shifts. Not only has the PUMA solution added better data organization and recording functionality to make administrative tasks easier, it has also provided a uniform process and reliable methods to further increase transparency with the San Fernando community.


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