Voice Processing on Thin Clients: What You Need to Know

To get started, we thought a very quick introduction to this rather technical topic would help. So, what is a thin client?

A thin client is a lightweight computer that has been optimized for establishing a remote connection with a server-based computing environment. The server does most of the work, which can include launching software programs, performing calculations, and storing data.[1] The thin client can’t run applications or store data or documents on its own; it functions as an interface to convey your keystrokes and connect to the applications, documents, data and storage on networked servers, where the actual work is done. Most thin clients run web browsers and/or remote desktop software, such as Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix XenApp, so you see the familiar browser or desktop environment that you’re used to from standard PCs with operating systems.[2]


Advantages of thin clients

  • They are smaller, cheaper and simpler for manufacturers to build compared to traditional PCs or notebooks, and therefore can be purchased for less.
  • They decrease computer maintenance cost, as very little software runs on the actual device.
  • They can be easily replaced when broken because no data is stored on the client, avoiding productivity downtime.
  • All software updates, fixes and storage happen centrally, which also improves security, providing protection against viruses or when a PC is lost or stolen.
  • Thin clients are also a good fit for remote offices, where it can be difficult and time consuming to get individual PCs fixed.

As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, the use of thin clients has the potential to expand significantly, as they can also provide a gateway to an almost limitless number of web-based applications.


Mobile and secure

In today’s work environment, mobility is a must. Many professionals are required to be on-the-go to accomplish their tasks. For example, doctors need to check on patients from room to room and attorneys may need to visit multiple clients in a day. Not to mention administrative staff is required to manage multiple business units and oversee the documentation and transcription processes. As a result, most professionals today need highly accessible and flexible digital workspaces without compromising security. Thin clients offer this mobility by allowing remote access and storing information in a secure data center.


Smart central administration

In an effort to deliver state-of-the-art voice technology and speech-to-text solutions, Philips SpeechExec Enterprise has been designed to perform seamlessly on thin clients. For users working in any professional setting, including hospitals and legal practices, Philips SpeechExec Enterprise provides functionalities that make it easier for IT administrators to virtually manage all elements of the solution across their organization. The software allows all workflow settings, including the hardware input devices, to be centrally administrated and configured. SpeechExec Enterprise does not require locally installed software, unlike many other dictation and transcription solutions. Users are also able to log in from any PC where they have remote access, promoting mobility. The solution is Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix and VMware ready, making the installation process easy and convenient for both users and IT administrators.


Working with voice is on the rise

With the rise of the app generation, voice technology in the workplace is growing in popularity. Using mobile devices has become the preferred way of working and most mobile users are utilizing some form of speech recognition to navigate their applications and even dictate their text messages. The Philips Voice Recorder app is the perfect solution for these mobile users. They can dictate notes and documents and send them off either for routing through speech recognition or for processing by an administrative assistant, leaving them free to move on to the next task without worrying about completing the documentation.


Thin clients and Philips SpeechExec Enterprise are the perfect pair, allowing you to increase mobility, security and productivity, all while harnessing the power of your voice.


Want to know more about SpeechExec Enterprise? Check out this short blog post or leave a comment, we are happy to help! 


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