Small Changes, Big Results

Physicians dedicate their careers to the care of others – but what happens when they in turn need help and support? Provider burnout is one of the most pressing and widespread issues in healthcare today.

Along with the potential to negatively effect patient outcomes, burnout has been proven to have a substantial impact on healthcare organizations’ bottom line.

When it comes to physician burnout, technology is both the problem and a potential solution. With increasingly demanding administrative and regulatory burdens and EHR hassles, it’s no wonder physicians are burning out in record numbers. However, the right technology can be a key part of reducing physicians burdens and saving them time and energy. To slow the trend of doctors and nurses spending a lot of time entering data, health care facilities need to adopt a multi-faceted approach to tech that tackles both the immediate symptoms and the underlying causes. Easing the doctor’s overwhelming paper problem with better patient records can help ease the stresses that lead to physician burnout.

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