Moving Toward Zero Waste with the Help of Philips

By cutting out disposable packaging, making a commitment to reusable products, and applying a bit of creativity, more and more people are joining the fight for a zero-waste world. The zero-waste movement is a lifestyle where people aim to eliminate their trash output completely. This means no plastic, no wrappers, no garbage. While this may seem like an unrealistic task in today’s very disposable society, everyday people all over the world are showing that it can be done. By reevaluating the way they approach the concept of trash, these leaders of the zero-waste movement are teaching the world that we all have the ability to make a difference in protecting our environment.

Zero Plastic is a small business started by Rita and Catarina, two sisters out of Portugal with a passion for the environment. They offer a series of plastic-free products, free from pollutants, using natural and organic raw materials. They have been following Philips Dictation’s journey to reduce waste and decided that they would reuse the recyclable Philips paper packaging to create their own packaging for their products. We spoke with the owners of Zero Plastic and got their take on how they started and why zero-waste means so much to them.


How did Zero Plastic start?

“Zero Plastic was born from our desire to leave a healthier planet for future generations. This was something we had dreamed of but had not yet done. Our primary objective is to offer goods that do not contain plastic in their constitution or packaging.”


What motivates you to be “zero waste”?

“The search for products without plastic started with the birth of our children. We want our children to be healthy and use products that are free of chemical agents. But even though we bought products without plastic, the packaging still contained plastic. On holidays and weekends, we live in a very small village in central Portugal and there we learn to crop what the land gives us and to take good care of it too. We learned to cook with our grandmothers, who were already practicing zero waste, as money and product offerings were not abundant, so reusing was a way of life. All the knowledge that our grandmothers passed on to us now makes perfect sense and we want to pass it on to our children.”


What kind of items do you offer in your store?

“In our store you can find products from personal hygiene and cleaning supplies to cloth bags and kitchen utensils. Most of our products have organic ingredients and are made in small factories.”


Why use Philips’ packaging?

“We have been witnessing a paradigm shift in some large companies and it is with pleasure that we have followed the change in Philips. Initially they stopped using bubble wrap and started using paper. And now the product packaging is also simpler and environmentally friendly. It couldn’t please us more. As the pile of paper we saved from the Philips products started to grow, we decided to reuse it in the Zero Plastic orders. We iron the paper, so it won’t be wrinkled. We then stamp, sew and the package is ready.” 


Why is zero waste important to you?

“The disposability of products is something that concerns us. We are filling the world with garbage as if we don’t depend on this planet to live. The generation of disposable, as if the products we use come out of thin air and then disappear as soon as we discard them, is scary. We must invert this, and the zero-waste movement embraces this.”


While there is still progress to be made, Philips Dictation strives for sustainability and will continue to find ways to reduce the waste we produce. As humans, it is our job to protect our planet, and Rita and Catarina at Zero Plastic are a great example of how we can start making a difference.


Have questions about how you can reduce your waste or have a zero-waste story of your own? Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!


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