Process That Drives Progress

The picturesque seaside community of Port Hueneme in southern California may be a small beach town, but it is one that boasts a world-class, community-oriented police organization.

Prior to the arrival of Chief Andrew Salinas at Port Hueneme, there was no set structure in place for recording interviews or citizen encounters. The officers of the Port Hueneme Police Department were capturing audio somewhat sporadically, using a multitude of personally purchased body-worn devices. Furthermore, there was no policy or system in place to dictate how recordings were gathered, handled and stored. Without the right technology and a consistent process for audio capture and storage, recordings from the body-worn devices could be untraceably edited, lost, or deleted. This then erodes the transparency and accountability which are foundational to a community-oriented police force.

Chief Salinas had seen first-hand how PUMA’s full-scope audio recording solution field tested at his previous department and wanted to bring that same fluidity, functionality and consistency to Port Hueneme.


A proven, multi-faceted solution providing continuous value

As the only full-scope audio recording solution tailored to the Law Enforcement market, the PUMA-5 solution powered by Philips and PUMA Evidence Management Software has helped the Port Hueneme Police Department realize significant operational efficiencies. The PUMA-5 is a comprehensive solution combining robust, field-tested hardware and software by Philips, the leader in professional dictation solutions. Equipped with special law enforcement-focused capabilities, many of the features directly aligned to the Port Hueneme Police Department’s needs from start to finish.

It’s clear that for this dedicated police force, technology has made a difference in the organization’s evolution as its officers continue championing outstanding public service and building strong, transparent, community relationships.

“The PUMA Solution combined with embracing a more process-oriented mentality, has earned us more trust with the district attorney’s office, auditors, and the public in general.”

Andrew Salinas
Chief at Port Hueneme Police Department


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