Increasing the Quality of Care

In today’s healthcare environment, patients expect providers to deliver not only outstanding medical care, but excellent service as well. Technology in the medical field has had a massive impact on nearly all processes and practices of healthcare professionals. It is imperative that healthcare professionals make the most out of every minute in their day by using innovative technology designed specifically for the demands of the healthcare field.

When it comes to workflows at his office in Andover, MA, Dr. Spyridon Kantas is never content with the status quo – instead, he’s always looking for ways to refine and optimize processes to best serve the needs of his patients. A proponent of speech recognition tools for many years, Dr. Kantas says a Philips dictation microphone is key to getting the most out of his busy schedule and providing the best care possible.


Giving patients your undivided attention without falling behind on documentation

One of the most important ways speech technologies support better engagement is reducing the amount of time spent on documentation and administration, allowing providers more time with their patients. As is the case with most physicians, Dr. Kantas’ days are often filled with back-to-back patient appointments, where he always strives to provide his undivided attention during their limited time together. However, part of his responsibility as a physician is also to capture thorough notes in order to maintain comprehensive documentation with the practice’s Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs). Doing both at the same time used to pose a challenge, until he added his Philips SpeechMike Premium Air wireless microphone to his daily workflow. “I like the SpeechMike because it helps me work faster, and my patients like it because it allows for better engagement with them” he explains. Dr. Kantas says he finds using the SpeechMike a cost-effective and streamlined way to compile his notes. After recording his voice notes to his laptop, he can review them, re-dictate if needed, and add further comments where appropriate to make the most of his time with patients to create thorough, well-articulated clinical documentation.


Mobility and flexibility are key

Another key aspect of supporting patients in today’s “anytime, anywhere” landscape is enabling providers to work wherever and however they need to. Mobile technologies such as the SpeechOne and the SpeechMike Premium Air free providers from their desks or computers while delivering all the capabilities needed to care for and serve their patients. Most recently, Dr. Kantas incorporated the AirBridge Wireless Adaptor to his SpeechMike Premium Air which, at the size of a quarter, allows for mobile capabilities to help him quickly move between patient exam rooms, while maintaining connectivity to his dictation processes.

 “Every minute matters – every minute can make a significant difference in what you can accomplish in a work day and can help you serve patients better and more efficiently.”

Dr. Spyridon Kantas
M.D., APG – Primary care physician at Beth Israel Deaconess HealthCare


In a field like healthcare where time is limited – but tedious tasks such as documentation are mandatory – having tools to execute them with both speed and precision are vital. Healthcare providers who haven’t yet adopted the tools technology places at their disposal are realizing their vast untapped potential and are making the changes and the investments required to streamline processes, lower costs, increase efficiency and most importantly, to increase the quality of care.


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