An Approach for Inclusivity

Fast-paced, demanding and competitive are words often used to describe working in the legal field. Therefore it’s critical to utilize innovative tools to enable every member of the team to be as productive as possible.

Here we explore how Atlanta-based law firm, Hall Booth Smith (HBS), achieved that through a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration with a trusted technology partner. Founded in 1989, Hall Booth Smith has grown over time to include 18 offices across the Southeast. Members of the firm’s administration and IT teams had worked with Philips Dictation for many years. Inclusivity and diversity are a part of Hall Booth Smith’s culture and heritage, inextricably woven into the very fabric of the firm. And that’s why they took their implementation of Philips SpeechLive even further.

While most of the team was able to take advantage of using the solution right away, some creative thinking was needed to make the solution work for Scott Cruce, one of the firm’s legal secretaries. Cruce’s extensive industry experience, unflagging positivity and professionalism make him one of the standouts in the firm’s team – and he also happens to be blind. With the combination of Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe and SpeechLive, Cruce is able to use commands and keyboard shortcuts to navigate through different parts of the firm’s systems and attorneys’ digital dictation folders.

“The Milner and Philips teams have been very invested in making SpeechLive work for the visually impaired and helping us uphold our standards for speed, accuracy and productivity. Our firm is truly a family, and we want every member of that family to have the opportunity to do their best.”

Cathy Turner
Firm Administrator

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