What’s New with Philips SpeechLive?

Philips SpeechLive is an ever-evolving speech-to-text cloud solution that makes your dictation and transcription workflow easier and more efficient – no matter where you are. Here are just a few of the newest features of SpeechLive that you may not know about yet…

Stay signed in

SpeechLive allows users to log in to their account via a web browser from wherever they are. To protect data from unauthorized access, SpeechLive accounts have a built-in auto logout setting. Users are automatically logged out if idle after a specific amount of time (default is 10 minutes). If a user is always using SpeechLive on the same computer, the automatic logout can be cumbersome as it requires users to periodically log back in. SpeechLive now has a “Stay signed in” option that can be enabled during login. If selected, a user can stay logged in to SpeechLive on the same computer/browser for 90 days.

sign in


Email notification for typists

When authors finish dictations and send them for transcription, Philips SpeechLive notifies the respective typists by email. This notification can be enabled for each typist in the workflow settings. Originally, the typist had to log in to SpeechLive in order to see who the dictation was coming from or if it was urgent. Now, these emails include the respective author names, so the typist can simply decide, based on the notification email, which dictations are urgent without having to log in to SpeechLive.



Image attachment

SpeechLive now offers a new way to enrich your workflow. We have enabled a new functionality to add images to your dictations. Currently you can upload and add images when working with SpeechLive in the browser. Adding images to your dictations helps you create documentation with more accurate information for further processing.



Search in SpeechLive

There is now a search function in the SpeechLive help section when you log into your account. This feature can assist in finding the information that is most relevant to you. Search by keywords in order to quickly find answers to specific settings or technical support questions, and get back to your workflow.



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