Utilize the Power of Your Voice with SpeechLive

With an assortment of voice technology solutions, Philips Dictation has helped professionals and businesses from a diverse range of industries, and has evolved with time as the method of dictating progressed from analogue to digital. When cloud computing started to emerge, Philips Dictation was quick to join the movement and added SpeechLive to their portfolio. Offering full flexibility, it is ideal for busy professionals who are dictation-savvy and are always on the move. The cloud-based dictation workflow solution has mobilized users to effectively manage their time and productivity by working from anywhere, anytime.

Speak. Send. Done.

Philips SpeechLive makes the speech-to-text process simple. With this flexible, browser-based, on-demand cloud solution, productivity has never been easier. You can now take control of your entire speech-to-text workflow, no matter if you are in the office or on the go. Take down your notes, tasks, or documents using any dictation device or the Philips Voice Recorder App on your smartphone. Send your recording to your assistant for transcription who can access the dictations from any location as well. All that the transcriptionist requires is a foot control and headphones. No extra hassle of software installations!

To manage typing overload or emergency transcription, Philips SpeechLive offers speech recognition and transcription services on demand. The industry-trained transcriptionists will do the typing for you and send back the finished documents in no time.

Easy subscription. No hidden costs.

A low subscription fee with fast implementation gives your business a cost-effective solution to get started with no hidden costs. On a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the subscription is privy to regular auto software updates guaranteeing you no operational downtimes or work interruptions, whilst remaining compatible with your IT environment. One of the best characteristics of SaaS is it’s scalability and longevity, as it never ‘dies.’ Developers are constantly keeping it up-to-date – be it general housekeeping or research and development, to industry advancements that provide upgraded features for  users to do their work effortlessly and efficiently.

Your data is safe

We understand that security is extremely important to you and your clients. Philips Dictation takes this issue very seriously and has set up the highest security standards to protect your data. SpeechLive secures your dictations by encrypting them during recording, again when they are sent, and once again by storing them in an encrypted format in the cloud server. This means end-to-end double encryption and protection from unauthorized access.

Mobile and remote working made easy

With the ever-changing working structure, as remote working or hybrid working is gaining popularity, effective workflow tools optimized for mobility have become vital for businesses. Being location independent, it is not always possible to collaborate at the same time due to many factors e.g. incompatible availabilities. No matter which scenario you are in, Philips SpeechLive helps turn your voice into text as quickly and easily as possible. It allows users to keep track of their jobs, leave comments, follow the workflow status and save their work from any device. The auto-save functions ensure that no work is lost, even if there is a connection problem. It allows you to retain the same efficiency and collaboration as if you were working on premises.

The evolution of Philips SpeechLive

SpeechLive utilizes the power of voice to help professionals focus on what they do best. SpeechLive is used in many different industries and work environments – from legal firms, insurance agencies, financial services, educational institutes, hospitals and doctor’s offices to horse racing and many more. Organizations worldwide build on technologies to facilitate digital communication between office teams and find new ways to reach out to customers. Our solution has supported many with an intelligent workflow that integrates seamlessly. Voice technology is not just a new trend but an efficient tool for flexible working, agile organizational management and a more streamlined way of working.

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