How to Fix a Lost Connection for Uploads to Philips SpeechLive

In order to automatically upload supported audio files (.ds2, .wav, or .mp3) from a voice recorder like a Philips Digital Pocket Memo or Philips VoiceTracer into Philips SpeechLive and have the files deleted from the recorder after upload, a user must have the SpeechLive Upload Client software installed and paired with SpeechLive via a connection code. The user must also be logged into their SpeechLive account.

In some cases, when Microsoft applies patches to their Azure Servers, a previously paired SpeechLive Upload Client can lose its connection code.


  • The user has been successfully uploading dictations via the SpeechLive Upload Client for some time.
  • The user is currently logged in to a supported browser with his SpeechLive account.
  • The user attempts to upload dictations via the SpeechLive Upload Client and is presented with this message:
  • The icon for the SpeechLive Upload Client running in the system tray now has a red “X” indicating it is no longer paired to SpeechLive with a connection code.


From SpeechLive running in the browser:

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  2. Choose <Automatic upload>
  1. Select <Connect> to generate a new connection code
  1. Click <Copy> to place the code on the PC clipboard
  1. Locate the SpeechLive Upload Client in the system tray
  2. Right-click the icon to show the menu
  3. Select <Paste connection code…>
  1. Click <Paste & connect>
  2. The code is applied, and you should receive a “Successfully connected” message
  3. Click <OK> to dismiss the dialog

11. Close the ”Copy the connection…” dialog

The SpeechLive Upload Client is now ready to use!

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