The Future of BYOD

Bring your own device (BYOD) is an emerging technological trend, where employees are encouraged to utilize their own devices to access the company’s enterprise system and data. Nowadays, many people and organizations face restrictions regarding location and are required to collaborate with their teams from afar. BYOD conveniently manages to connect them and allows access to the required information. This practice can also:

  • ensure cost savings for the company
  • furnish flexible working for staff
  • and bolster motivation and productivity.

Across many industries, the BYOD trend has gained momentum in recent years and continues to grow. As this trend matures and becomes more widely adopted, there are new aspects companies must take into account when formalizing BYOD policies, as well as principles that remain consistent with the increased use of personal devices for work. Here, we offer a look at some of the emerging developments organizations should be aware of related to BYOD, as well as foundational principles that can help your organization today, and in the future.

Download these tips to learn why, in a new BYOD business landscape, some policies and practices remain constant.

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