Tech Talk: Software FAQs

We have been getting several questions about Philips SpeechLive and Philips SpeechExec, so we have put together a list of answers to some of your most common questions.

What happens if a SpeechExec software user leaves the company? How is the SpeechExec license re-assigned to a new user?

Currently, only Speech Processing Solutions support can change the email address associated with the SpeechProfile used to activate the Philips SpeechExec license/product key. Please contact the place of purchase, which is typically your Philips Certified Reseller, for assistance. If you do not know where your Philips SpeechExec software was purchased, you can send an email. We will need the following information to be able to process your request:

  • Company name / Customer name
  • Company address / Customer address
  • License key
  • The email address  the license is currently registered under
  • The email address you wish to change the registration to
  • Your own contact information

Please note that the fastest way for support is always through your Philips Certified Reseller who are the sole resellers of our products and typically have all the information about your install.

How do I connect my SpeechExec software with the SpeechLive cloud?

Philips SpeechLive is a browser-based dictation and transcription solution which converts your speech to text. This cloud solution can be connected to your installed SpeechExec software in order to maximize workflow. Simply click on the “Start SpeechLive” button, log in, and specify whether you would like to use the SpeechLive transcription services and/or speech recognition service with SpeechExec.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to connect your accounts can be found HERE.

What foot pedals are compatible with SpeechLive?

SpeechLive is compatible only with Philips foot controls. Details about our foot controls and the different versions available can be found HERE.

Can the SpeechLive app be used for transcriptionists?

The SpeechLive app is designed for authors to use in order to dictate and record voice files directly with their smartphones. The app is connected with SpeechLive, so dictations can be securely sent from the app to assistants or even external transcription staff. The app does not support the transcription of dictations.

Can deleted dictations be recovered in SpeechLive?

Yes, you can search for and recover dictations that have been deleted within the last 30 days.

How do I search for dictations in SpeechLive?

Enter the name of the dictation you are looking for into the search field in the upper left-hand corner of the SpeechLive browser. You must know at least 2 characters to search for dictations by name. Please note that this option is available for SpeechLive Account Administrators and SpeechLive Office managers only.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to search for dictations as well as find deleted dictations can be found HERE.

If you have any more questions about SpeechLive or SpeechExec, leave a comment and let us know!

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