The New Work Landscape – Tip sheet

Remote and hybrid work environments have been catapulted into the forefront of normal work routines. Questions about how to best drive process efficiency, foster collaboration and maintain client service levels are critical while workplace adaptations take place. In today’s technology driven environment, valuable tools including voice technology and speech recognition can help law firms maintain success and client acumen to work more efficiently while still delivering superior service.

Successful transformations

The time and cost savings allows firms to realize a new more efficient normal, as Cleveland-based Reminger Co. LPA did, by adopting a turnkey voice solution.

Atlanta-based Hall Booth Smith implemented an intuitive, web-based voice solution that helped improve the firm’s in-house transcription team improve the quantity, quality and speed of their work, producing accurate, finished documentation more efficiently than ever.

Here are a few impactful ways firms can harness the power of innovative voice solutions.

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