Webinar: Trends for AI and Speech in 2021

Speech technology solutions are becoming faster and more accurate with the help of AI algorithms. These algorithms enhance knowledge in regards to grammar, language structure, voice signal composition and more. This webinar will look at how AI is improving speech systems now and where the technology is headed in the future.

In this webinar, Speechmatics, Speech Processing Solutions and Replicant will discuss how:

  • COVID-19 has impacted the future of speech recognition technology
  • Multi-speaker environments within the professional services industry will evolve
  • AI powers the intelligent use of voice

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  • If it wasn’t for speech to text I could not write on the computer. I have Parkinson’s disease and my hands are so shaky that I cannot use the keyboard. I had to write a program with my on screen key-board to do my programming. It would take me four weeks to write a 1000 word document for my website without text to speach But with speech to text. It only takes me. couple up days to do it. I can still use my mouse if I use both hands but it is incredibly slow. Thank you speech to text.

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