Webinar “The Lawyer”: Transforming Service Delivery

To enable their staff to work remotely this past year, legal firms implemented many years’ worth of digitalization almost overnight. In this process, a great deal of the admin work done by support teams was instantly automated, highlighting how dated the traditional lawyer-secretary working pattern in law firms was. As a result, a number of firms are now looking at reorganizing clerical staff by investing and transforming these roles.

This webinar, Transforming service delivery: the new working patterns for lawyers and support staff to deliver a first-class client service, was hosted by The Lawyer and features Philips Dictation’s CTO, Wilfried Schaffner. It looks at how technology can help optimize internal processes, freeing up time for support teams to expand their roles within the firm and provide more value.

These topics will be discussed:

  • Has remote and agile working impacted working habits and changed the dynamics between fee earners and secretarial/support staff?
  • Automating administrative tasks to free up time of support staff and how to optimize their value in the service delivery process
  • The client-specific nuances and “human-touch” elements that software can’t replace
  • Overcoming the reluctance of lawyers to fully rely on software 
  • What does the future look like?

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