Webinar: Speech-to-text with Philips SpeechLive


Do you want to type less, just talk and have text appear on your PC in any application?

With Philips SpeechLive there are many exciting ways to use speech-to-text. Listen to our latest webinar and learn more about SpeechLive and the latest feature additions.

Affordable and accurate

There are 2 easy ways to use speech-to-text:

  • The SpeechLive Desktop app for Windows allows you to use speech-to-text in any desktop application.
  • Simply work with the Philips SpeechLive smartphone app to record on the go and turn voice into text.

The speech-to-text feature in Philips SpeechLive works in 21 languages and supports professional vocabulary.

Read more about easy speech-to-text with SpeechLive here.

Leave us a comment, if you have any questions or want to know more about Philips SpeechLive.


  • Good morning.
    Is there a version with medical vocabulary?

    • Hello, the speech-to-text package supports a general vocabulary, but does recognize many medical terms. Depending on how specialized the vocabulary required is, a trial would be the best option to find out. If you would like to get in touch, please simply send a message to info.na@speech.com.

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