How To Use SpeechLive Mobile App Effectively

The other week we discussed how SpeechLive security is top notch and hinted that it’s use is very intuitive. This week, we’ll show you how to leverage this technology on the go while you’re away from the office desk.

In this first video we show you how intuitive and seamless it is to

  • Start your recording
  • Customize the title of the dictation
  • Edit the dictation tags and properties
  • Add visuals for your dictation – which is a unique feature exclusive to us
  • Use recording features like insert, overwrite, and append
  • Use various playback options
  • Send dictations and tracking its status – track like courier shipping!

The second video showcases our speech-to-text feature, key parts to look out for are:

  • How to access this exquisite feature
  • Language preferences and voice commands – crazy important for automatic speech-to-text
  • Adjusting file properties
  • Editing and copying text

If this got you excited, try SpeechLive for a limited time!

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