How Can Companies Support Disability and Mental Health initiatives?


Mental health issues in the workplace and private life have changed with COVID-19. Employee burnout is rising as work from home propels online-only work, which sets an expectation that leaves us exposed to information 24/7. Industries heavily impacted by this phenomenon are highly demanding careers and generally stressful environments, such as healthcare or the legal sector. In 2019, the World Health Organization classified it as an “occupational phenomenon” rather than a medical condition – a syndrome caused by chronic work stress “that has not been successfully managed”. This means it must be dealt with at an organizational level to guarantee employee well-being and avoid unnecessary turnover costs. Although the WHO is now working on guidelines to help organizations with prevention strategies, most still have no idea how to deal with burnout.

Where to start?

When prioritizing burnout prevention strategies, the best way to proceed is to take small steps, which allows for a lower budget and less risk.

That is why Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) initiated the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is of great importance to us. Offering this employee benefit aligns with our Leadership Principles – Ownership, Talent, Transparency – and is an additional element to make Speech a great place to work and emphasizes that We Care for Talents.

This is also important because we want to be a welcoming company that embraces employees from all stripes. In light of this month’s Disability Employment Awareness Month, we wanted to show we are taking the proper steps to bridge gaps where most companies dare not venture.

Our EAP includes counseling referring to work-life balance, personal growth and development, preparation for performance appraisal, support with changes and uncertainty. Any services are covered and only a phone call away, making it easily accessible to all employees who need extra help.


The steps needed to take to bring a more inclusive environment is limitless. There are always ways to reach increased accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace. At SPS, we are proud to make necessary first steps to consider the employees’ needs for all backgrounds.

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