Want the tea on career fast-tracking? Read on!

Up until recent years, career expectations throughout the business world were fairly homogenous: Spend decades climbing the corporate ladder, many times moving along a predetermined path, get a gold watch upon retirement, and take up a new hobby to fill the hours work used to consume. But as an up-and-coming professional in the 21st century, you know there are many more paths to travel – or create.

No matter where your career may take you, you want to get there fast. And using the right tech tools help you do that, it’s like putting rocket fuel in your car (note: never actually do that!) or having an energy drink before running a race. More powerful than home voice assistants but just as easy to use, the latest enterprise speech-to-text solutions are especially useful, offering an array of career-boosting benefits for professionals on the rise.

Rethinking the “same ole, same ole” about digital transformation

Can you remember a time when the Internet wasn’t part of daily life? More than 20 years after it became a common part of our culture, the Internet has matured, and its ubiquitous interconnectivity being utilized in ways that its early pioneers had never even thought of. Forget about the Web’s more basic capabilities that even your grandmother uses.

Virtual meetings and team collaboration, real-time document editing (not to mention reviews and approvals), and trackable file storage and management are but a few of the everyday tasks that modern web-based voice tools can facilitate. Imagine turning voice notes into text documents in mere minutes, automatically routing dictations and documents to colleagues, and working seamlessly from any device. This helps you save time, brain power, and manual effort which could be better used for the strategic, high-level work that gets you noticed and spurs your career progression.

Even go-getters need a security blanket

Remember the rule “safety first?” While you’re driving in that express lane to the top, you still need to make sure your seatbelt is fastened and your airbags are working. With data protection top of mind in both consumer and commercial realms, no one wants the attention a breach brings in this day and age. And while the world is much more convenient because of virtual interconnectivity, it’s important to remember the flip side: Cyber criminals now have more ways to infiltrate organizations and steal or abuse sensitive information.

Using voice solutions with native enterprise-grade security capabilities such as end-to-end encryption lets you confidently conduct business with the peace of mind that you’re protecting your colleagues, clients, and company. No matter what your industry, privacy and data security are paramount, so considering digital protections demonstrates your ability to think the way executives do about the organization as a whole.

Use your app…while ordering apps

Mobility is the name of the game for the next generation of business stars. When “the office” isn’t just the office, but the couch, or your favorite café or restaurant, you need flexible technologies that can run as fast as you do wherever you are. Voice solutions that offer the same robust functionality across devices and platforms make it easy for you to stay productive anywhere and everywhere, without impacting work quality. Quickly turning raw voice notes into a finished document via your smartphone? No problem. Transferring a file to your manager for notes and comments on your tablet? It’s a snap. Mobile-enabled solutions allow you to keep the momentum going on all your projects without having to skip happy hour.   

Hybrid models aren’t just for cars anymore

Lastly, the very culture of professional life has changed. Being able to cater to new work arrangements and team or client preferences helps you demonstrate adaptability – a key characteristic business leaders share. Flexible work styles, such as remote work, non-traditional office hours, and the newly popular hybrid model (part-time in office, part-time remote) are now the norm as corporate cultures shift to include younger professionals who prioritize work-life balance and personal hobbies without sacrificing career ambitions.

You can lead the way in showing how new office cultures and unconventional work arrangements can yield outstanding work product, with the help of voice tech. Cloud solutions can significantly accelerate process flows such as document creation, resulting in tangible quality and efficiency improvements.

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