How legal eagles are staying ahead

Groceries delivered within two hours of ordering, live webcasts watched simultaneously by viewers around the globe, cars that you can plug into an outlet…these are just a few examples illustrating that “the future is now!” Tech evolution has truly permeated every part of day-to-day life, meaning things are getting done faster and more easily than ever before across both commercial and consumer sectors.

As a legal professional, you’re not exempt from adapting to this accelerated pace of business. Client expectations for quick-turn, on-demand responses are very real, and it can be challenging to keep pace in an industry that has historically been characterized by lengthy processes and administration.

The good news? Digitization has brought about a plethora of tools that you can take advantage of to optimize resources to streamline workflows, minimize time and resources spent on administrative tasks, and stay competitive. From procedural best practices to automation to purpose-built technologies and more, take a minute to get some practical and impactful tips to maximize today and prepare for tomorrow:

Being cookie-cutter isn’t always a bad thing | What time-strapped attorney has time to reinvent the wheel? Putting time and effort into creating, implementing, and putting governance around processes can yield big returns when it comes to resource management. Clear, consistent, and repeatable guidelines create valuable efficiencies when coupled with the right tech tools. Powerful speech-to-text solutions make handling the volumes of day-to-day tasks such as document creation or transcription routing, a lot easier and enable you to respond to time-sensitive requests devoting your energy to higher-impact work.

Tech that “speaks” legalese | Next-gen voice solutions purpose-built for the needs of the legal industry can make one of the most substantial and immediately visible impacts on your use of time and resources. When organizing notes, processing dictations, and sharing files comprise large portions of your day, why not have a digital assistant streamline these time- and labor-intensive tasks? Being able to create legal documents with increased speed, accuracy, and automation is an edge every attorney wants to gain, and voice solutions can help you get it.

No office, no problem | Leveraging advanced digital capabilities means you don’t have to choose between your professional and personal pursuits — whether it’s enjoying the great outdoors, grabbing brunch, or finally completing that 10,000-piece puzzle, you can stay productive without being tied to your desk. The traditional office-based, 9-to-5 work model has largely been replaced by new arrangements that include flexible hours, locations, and collaboration styles. Utilizing cloud-based and device-agnostic voice technology solutions, you can build a schedule that meets your clients’ needs and your lifestyle. Collaborate virtually and use pockets of time throughout the day to get work done.

A line cook for serving up client satisfaction | What do clients want? High-touch service! When do they want it? Now! Not only are you expected to provide expert consultation and services, but you’re also expected to deliver it faster than ever – without sacrificing quality. Continuously updating shared expertise, and streamlining information sharing with clients is key to achieving great service. But don’t rely on outdated or inadequate technologies to do the trick. Innovations in automation like speech-to-text document creation and integration with transcription services are just a couple of ways you harness the latest tech to outclass the competition.

There’s nothing artificial about this intelligence | You might be surprised to learn artificial intelligence isn’t anything new. In fact, its beginnings trace all the way back to the 1950s! What is new is the increasingly sophisticated ways it’s being used to transform everyday life. Before leaping into AI for tasks such as e-discovery and other complex undertakings that involve deeper analysis, prediction, and decision making, you can use stepping stones to get there. Intuitive yet robust voice solutions are a perfect way to begin integrating machine learning capabilities into your day-to-day workflows. Get ready for the sea change of AI by using technology in a gradual, evolutionary way.

At Speech Processing Solutions, we’ve been future-facing since before it was trendy. For more than six decades we’re continuously developing ways to help attorneys get more out of their workday.

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