The Perfect Trifecta of Voice Tech for Legal Professionals

January has passed, and you still feel that you have yet to achieve those efficiency goals you set yourself when you returned to the office. Now that it’s February, you think things are still the same before leaving the office for the holidays. You feel the need to get out of this loop.

Philips voice technology is your one-stop-shop for state-of-the-art cloud dictation, transcription and speech recognition, professional hardware solutions and any and all software needs in between. Get started or consider looking at the latest technology available to breeze through your documentation needs and add flexibility for your busiest work days.

Digital Pocket Memo – Your recordings on the go

The Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder, with its breakthrough 3D Mic technology, delivers the best audio quality in any recording situation. The device offers a professional slide switch for single-handed operation and is ergonomically tested for working over extended periods of time. In addition to its ease of use, recordings can be encrypted in real-time using the 256 bits Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Despite smartphone recording becoming more prevalent, the Digital Pocket Memo is your perfect companion with reliably long battery life in the office and at home.

SpeechMike + SpeechOne – Don’t compromise on crystal-clear recordings

Both devices are two sides of the same coin for PC dictation. The Philips SpeechMike has a free-floating microphone, which guarantees that almost no background, touch, click, air, or structure-borne noise is recorded. The SpeechOne headset is designed for hands-free recording and guarantees the best recording quality for outstanding speech recognition results. Additionally, the SpeechOne can also be used to communicate comfortably via your favorite VoIP provider and in online meetings without any additional installations.

SpeechLive + Speech Exec Enterprise – Where dictations and documents live

Philips SpeechLive and Philips Speech Exec Enterprise are both professional cloud-based dictation, transcription, and speech-to-text solutions to process voice recordings for document creation. The earlier is public cloud-based, while the latter offers the option for private cloud services. Both solutions work for all sizes, whether you are your only employee or need to collaborate with a team in a large company. They offer a desktop version and also allow to work from your smartphone, making the software easy to access wherever and whenever. If you want to know more benefits of SpeechLive, check out an article we wrote in the past. However, if a private cloud solution is more attractive, check out more about SpeechExec Enterprise here.

Here’s what some legal eagles have to say about the perfect trifecta:

When I am in the car after visiting a client, I have the whole conversation worked out in my head, or the letters I want to draft, or the procedural documents I need to prepare. I can do this straightaway.

Simone Kaper
Employment lawyer, Kaper Nooijen Advocaten, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Very impressive product! Being able to use the recorder app connected to SpeechLive on a regular mobile phone is much more convenient.

Rick Thorpe
Crawford & Company, USA

At Speech Processing Solutions, we’ve set the tech standard for what’s needed at the legal office. Our expertise and innovations have allowed us to help attorneys be more efficient than they would ever dream of.

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