User story: The multi-tool for those who protect and serve

The city of Gillette, located in the northeast of Wyoming, is a small town with a big presence in the energy sector and the economic hub for the county. Their Police Department is a driver of technology adoption and embraces the power of voice technology solutions across their organization.

The computer-aided dispatch system, which had been in place since 2007, was shifting its photography and dictation applications to the cloud. Unfortunately, the dictation portion of the solution fell short of the officers’ needs.

Further, the voice recorders the officers had been using for recording voice files were causing unnecessary obstacles. Because they were not fully mobile-enabled, officers had to return to the station to download interviews to a folder, that would then be shared with the Records department for assignment to transcription.

“We’d been using a software tool that was more than 12 years old, and we were overdue for an upgrade.”

Lisa Barthel, Records Supervisor

Then everything changed after she discovered Philips SpeechLive.

Download the user story to see how one solution meets many needs.

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